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Try our sports quizzes to test your sporting knowledge! Basketball quizzes, tennis quizzes, soccer quizzes, kids' sports quizzes and more!

Sports Quizzes

Sports Quizzes

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Sports Facts

Sports Facts

Incredible sports facts and trivia information all around sports...

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    Play free online tennis trivia and test your knowledge of the world's top

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    See how well you know the facts about best soccer players in the world, soccer

    championships and the history of football...

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    Sports play an important role in American society... Test your knowledge

    with our US Sports Quiz...

Random Sports Facts

Sports Records

The oldest Olympic medalist received his medal at age 83. His name was Anders Haugen and he was a ski-jumper. He competed in 1924, but because of a scoring error he did not receive his bronze medal until 1974, 50 years after he should have received it.

Formula One

F1 - Even after a race has been completed, a car’s tyres will be about 120 degrees C – hot enough to cook an egg on.


Most broken Major League bats are sent to third world countries where they are used as building materials and crude weapons.


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